Education and Employment History

Professional Skills

  • Programmer
  • Security Analyst
  • Computer- and Networkadministrator
  • DP support
  • Configuration of webservers for Web 2.0 technologies

Since October 2011

  • March 2014: Began study of "Business Informatics" at Vienna University of Technology (VUT).
  • March 2014: Completed studies in computer science Master Software Engineering and Internet Computing at Vienna University of Technology (VUT). My focus: Security and Networks. My diploma thesis can be found in my references
  • Security Analyst at Security Research
  • Curriculum Innovation at VUT (Fostering of creativity and tools for enterprise start-up)

Before October 2011

  • Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering at the VUT in minimum time
  • Bachelor's thesis on automated analysis of logfiles from security tests, find out more in my references

Language skills


Additional skills

Seminars / Qualifizierungsverbund WKO

  • Leadership
  • Rhetoric
  • Conducting successful negotiations
  • DISG personality development

Volunteer Experience

Civil service

  • at the Red Cross Burgenland: health care and social assistance
  • active cooperation with the magazine of the Red Cross "Rot Kreuzler"
  • participation in the expert conference "Palliative Care in assisted home nursing" by the Red Cross

School Education

  • 2008 high school diploma BRG & BG Mattersburg
  • 2007 and 2008: Internship: Administration of medium sized computer networks (50+ Computers, 3 Servers)
  • 2006 - Oral History Project "The Hungarian Uprising of 1956".Coordination and performance of the project procedure. (Projectleader Prof. Mag. Renate Schandl-Bauer)
  • 2005 - language class Dublin - Acquisition of certificate "Upper intermediate Level in English" at the Department of Education and Science for the Teaching of English as a foreign Language in Dublin.
  • 2004 - Foundational member of youth magazine Full-School (students' magazine), contribution to product development and quality assurance in print and online edition. More than 1500 pieces per print run.

Personal Information

About me

Date of birth: April 15, 1989

home address: 1220 Wien

personal interests

  • sports: workout, hiking and biking, skiing
  • computer: administration, design, tools, games etc.
  • travels: England, Ireland, Canada, Sweden, Spain


... are my preferred counterbalance to work on the computer. I enjoy exploring nature as well as going to the gym for a good workout.


  • Vocational dancer since 2010
  • Preference for latin dances
  • Gold badge in 2011
  • Additional courses in tango argentino, salsa and batchata as well as discofox



Personal Highlights

  • focused
  • disciplined
  • assertive
  • self-motivated

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During my studies at the VUT

Master Thesis


The results of my masterthesis on the topic: 'Security Challenges in Mobile Middleware'

Bachelor Thesis


Summary of my Bachelor thesis 2011 on automated loganalysis of penetration tests

Click here for the Sources

Short Cut E.C.T.S.


Short cut „ECTS“ created for subject „Multimedia production 1“ at Vienna Technical University

Voluntary service

Logo der Region Rosalia

Volunteering for regional tourist board at Rosalia region:

GPS-data and mileage / bicycle track „Rosaliaradweg”

Preparation of the raw data for the homepage "Region Rosalia"

Click here for the Google Earth kml.

(Clicking the logo to the left shows the certificate of the tourism association)

From my time at school

Award for "Full School Online"

2nd at 2006 nationwide youth print media competition for “Full school online magazine”

Award for "Full School Magazine"

9th for „Full school online magazine“in nationwide competition of students’ magazines in 2005/06

Class project "Franz and me"

Class project „Franz and me“ / special mention for digital performance, visualization and sound for a multimedia danceshow
Projectleader: Prof. Mag. Erika Gönenli-Krasser. (now: Denk-Gönenli)

Ungarnaufstand 1956

1st at oral history project „The Hungarian Uprising 1956“, klick to above to listen to the clip from Radio Burgenland